Graphic Design in Everyday Life by Phoenix Delray

Graphic design is used in more ways everyday than many people realize. Many people might think of home decorating and office furnishing when they first think of graphic design, but in reality it can be found in everything from reference manuals to billboards to road signs. Even books of all kinds are influenced by graphic design; the readability of books is enhanced by attractive visual presentations of text. Although it is important in the look and feel of any home or office space, there are so many other places that this kind of design is critically important to.

Effective visual communication is the key when it comes to the point of graphic design, and many people depend on it to sell an idea or a product. It is an important part of business and industry because it is a critical aspect of identity of products; logos and colors are what make people identify certain items. Branding has become an important part of corporate identity, and the logo and color together are what makes branding successful. Who is responsible for coming up with the corporate branding for a company? A graphic designer is the one to call. A good graphic designer is important when it comes to branding because it becomes a companys identity to customers.

Graphic design is important to the success of textbooks in a lot of ways. These books are designed to present subjects to learn, and they have layouts that need to incorporate pictures, diagrams, and charts. For example, geometry books and human anatomy and physiology books heavily rely on graphic design. Other examples are comic books, programs for Broadway shows, and even the opening and closing credits in movies. Any kind of advertising heavily relies on visual communication, and of course advertising could be found anywhere, from billboards to pamphlets and propaganda to relay and promote important information.

Newspapers, magazines, television, and documentary films use graphic design to entertain and relay information to viewers, and the Internet as well relies on information designers to implement graphics, HTML, and flash programs. Contemporary design has branched out to the modern computer, with different interfaces, multimedia programs, and interactive designs. Graphic elements that are applied to any design have to be originated with visual arts and the people who have those skills. Visual arts include works that use traditional media, photography, and computer generated art. The principles of graphic design can be applied to each art element by itself to present a final finished composition, whether it is in print or online.

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